Why choose Paris Creative?

There are lots of DJs out there. Why choose DJ Lou Paris?

First, congratulations on your engagement!

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, and it may seem overwhelming. Your mind races as you consider all the options. The venue, (be it in the Hudson Valleythe Catskills, or elsewhere) the flowers, the food, the photographer… These are all big decisions! But one of the most important and sometimes overlooked is your choice of wedding entertainment. The success of your wedding depends largely on the experience of the company you choose. So why choose Paris Creative?

“Lou Did A Phenomenal Job

Lou was always accessible and the sound was great. We were coming from San Francisco so communicating was difficult with other vendors, but not with Lou. We had a diverse crowd coming from all over the world and he kept everyone dancing the whole time!”
– Triveni & Erik

Experience, Guidance, and Exceptional Service

I’m here to help guide you through the entire process from our very first conversation, through all the meetings to talk about the specifics of your special night, right through the end of your wedding. My personality and presentation style is low-key. I create a fun and inviting atmosphere for your guests without being a “hype” DJ who needs to be constantly on the microphone. Simply put I provide an exceptional service without being overt. And unlike some of my competitors you are getting me, and only me, throughout the entire process. I am here to make sure that all the details are covered and that you have the confidence that I will execute our well-thought-out plan for your wedding entertainment.

“Ultimate blend of personal & professional

Between managing the tempo of the events and selecting the right music, we were never left wanting more from him.”
Evita & Will

A Focus On Music And Management

Speaking of entertainment, wedding music has the very unique requirement of entertaining a crowd from ages eight to eighty. I have an extensive knowledge of music and the ability to seamlessly mix music from all these genres and periods to get the crowd moving. When you choose DJ Lou Paris and Paris Creative as your DJ, we’ll go over all the critical songs you want to hear and on your wedding day I will weave those songs into a live mix that your wedding guests are sure to dance to! My job is to read the crowd while keeping your preferences front and center.

And when I am not concentrating on the ebb and flow of the music selection I am working in tandem with the venue and all your vendors, ensuring that we are all in sync and working as a team to make your wedding incredible.

So you may be wondering what my service costs. I have my very simple pricing options and once we have a discussion about your expectations, you will see I offer exceptional value at a very competitive price in the Hudson Valley.

“Lou enabled [vendors] to do their jobs better

Whether it was the videographer saying he’d never felt so supported on sound or the wedding planner saying she never thought she’d get the whole crowd out for the sparkler run but Lou managed to make it happen.”
Jaclyn & JP

Built On Technology

OK, it’s time for me to geek out a little here. I have over two decades of IT experience designing systems for everyone from the FBI to small businesses. Those opportunities gave me the ability to create resilient and forward-thinking solutions no matter the size and scope of their needs. I have been lucky enough to take those experiences and apply them in creative ways for my DJ business.

From having digital mixers that allow me the ultimate freedom to be away from my system and control sound, or the ability to record the entire event from the source and hand those files off to your videographer, or provide remote power solutions for hours where there is no power, or having the ability to manage simple or complex ceremonies; technology has enabled a number of unique services for your special day. I have created a modular setup that allows me incredible redundancy allowing me to ensure minimal-to-no-interruption of my services even in the most extreme circumstances.

Back to earth and some more plain talk. The bottom line is thanks to technology, along with my experience, I can offer you some of the highest quality offerings around, and a piece of mind that even when things go wrong, you likely will not even know.

“We couldn’t have asked for anything more

Welcome reception, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception went better than we could ever have imagined. We spoke about what he would provide and he delivered.”
Dannielle & Tommy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are You Insured? A. Yes, Paris Creative is fully insured.

Q. Do You Play Other Events Than Weddings? A. Yes, I do. While my primary focus is on weddings I do perform at Sweet 16s, Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, or any other function where you desire an uncompromising DJ.

Q. What Is Your Style Of DJing? A. I would describe my style of DJing as low-key interaction with a focus on the quality of music and service being delivered. I am not one of the “Hype DJs” out there that is going to interrupt the music on every other song. What I do provide is crisp and clear announcements, coordinating with important milestones with an event (e.g. a Wedding toast) to ensure smooth transitions, and an acute focus on the crowd to ensure the right music being played at the right volumes at the right time. Read more about my history and what drives me.

Q. How Does Paris Creative Coordinate The Event? A. As soon as you select Paris Creative, I will begin to coordinate with you, your vendors, your planner, and do everything to provide you as stress-free of a process as possible. This means making sure you are comfortable with the level of service I will provide for you, going over all the details to make sure I have all the necessary details, going over a final proposal, everything to make your event successful.

Q. Do You Meet Face-to-Face, Email, Phone, Skype? A. The answer is yes (to all four). I will work with you on whichever method you are most comfortable with. I will send you a synopsis of our discussions via email to make sure we are on the same page.

Q. Do We Get A Contract? A. Of course! A contract protects both you the customer and myself.

Q. Do You Have Backup Equipment? A. Yes, I do. Having a backup is critical to ensure that your event has no unplanned interruptions. Check out my article on this.

Q. Do You Have A Backup DJ? A. Yes, if for some reason I am unable to perform on the day of your event, I will ensure a high-quality wedding DJ will be in place for you.

Q. Can I Request A Song? A. Most definitely. You can build your request list through my online customer portal and I will do everything I can to take requests at the event. Typically I prefer my clients to request around 20 songs for the evening. This allows me to learn about the music you like (and dislike) and I can shape the rest of the music with that as the foundation.

Q. Do You Play Outside the Hudson Valley? A. Absolutely! I can travel to nearly any location, even international.