Vinyl Wedding Experience

Embark on a much simpler time where tracks were on wax.

Sifting through a crate a music, pulling a record out of a sleeve, dropping the needle to the right spot, making sure the surface is free and clear of dust, manipulate the record with your hands; this is what almost every DJ did until the proliferation of CDs and then digital files in the past couple decades. Sure convenience has overtaken the simplicity of music on a record, but there is a bit of the soul of a song lost trapped in 1’s and 0’s.

I pride myself on having a large library of vinyl to play on when I desire. And while most music was made from the mid-90s and back there is luckily some new music that has been pressed on wax. So don’t think that only older music can be played with a vinyl experience.

So are you ready to experience something truly unique for your wedding?


Reception Services w/
Vinyl Dance Experience


Ceremony & Reception Services
w/ Vinyl Reception Experience

*Please note, due to constraints of space, heat, and other factors, Paris Creative cannot offer a vinyl Ceremony experience. Also Paris Creative may not be able to fulfill all requests due to music availability.


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