The Mixtapes

From Prince to The Police to Passion Pit…

The Mixtapes

From Prince to The Police to Passion Pit…

Treat your ears to some eclectic mixes

I take a lot of care in the music that I select, always trying to read the crowd, always trying to anticipate the crowd’s reactions and anticipations of the next song. Do I do a smooth blend? Do I drop it on the one? Do I bring in a scratch technique to spice it up? How about live remixing between tracks? There are a ton of options at my disposal, and with all that I need to be cognitive of what the clients want and what they don’t want.

And this goes beyond just dance music. It’s ceremony, cocktail, and dinner too. Ensuring that the music selection is completely on point, building up expectations of an awesome dance party. And playing at proper levels is critical for everyone to enjoy.

The party never stopped moving

As for the DJing itself: again, you’re not just getting “man and an iPod”. Lou seamlessly transitioned between songs, fading in and out. Lou doesn’t just offer great DJing. Lou offers a wedding EXPERIENCE.

Lucy & Scott

Lou Mixed Songs Perfectly

I was pretty picky about the music I wanted played and what I wanted as far as a DJ goes. I just wanted someone who let the music speak for itself and he went above and beyond. People were on the dance floor from the first song until the very last and I’m still getting compliments on the music!”

Mikhaila & Frank

The Mix #11 - Disco Days & Nights

by Paris Creative

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