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When my husband and I began planning our wedding in 2019, one of the first things we talked about was choosing not to hire a DJ. We had been to so many weddings where the DJ makes themselves the center of everything, where they talk over the music, and end up being a big distraction. Once we postponed our wedding due to COVID, I thought better of that decision and I’m so glad I did!

As soon as I contacted Lou, he got back to me (I’m pretty sure within the hour!) and we immediately began to click. DJ Lou worked with us every step of the way to understand our vision for the event, our style and music tastes, and importantly for us, aspects of wedding reception that we liked and didn’t like. Lou was incredibly attentive during the planning process and made it easy to schedule appointments to talk about our song choices and schedule of events for our wedding day. I don’t think it ever took Lou more than a day to get back to us, and he kept us on target with our other wedding planning as he sent key update emails to us at intervals approaching our wedding date. Lou was always willing to set up additional meetings to discuss and encouraged us to come to him with ANY wedding questions we had even if it wasn’t about the music.

On our big day, Lou arrived to the venue incredibly early to set up. He partnered partnered with our caterers and photographers to ensure everything was perfect. He even saved the day when the guitarist who played our ceremony was struggling to get an electrical hookup right at our outdoor venue! 

During our reception, Lou had the party going from minute one. He helped to set the mood and made sure that the music reflected the flow of the evening, with softer music to lead into dinner and toasts and the party jams we requested to kick off the actual dancing. Lou is attentive to detail and created the perfect atmosphere for our reception. I am so glad that I changed my mind and went with Lou. He is awesome and you will have the best time if you choose him for your event!

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🏫 Venue: Millbrook Winery

📷 Photo/Video: Allyse Pulliam Photography

🎸 Live Instrumentation: Austin Charnis

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