What Does It All Cost?

It’s time to get down to brass tacks.

I have a very straight forward philosophy when it comes to pricing… KEEP IT SIMPLE. So instead of the endless combinations of packages I have two simple core pricing options:


Reception Services
(5 hours of performance)


Ceremony & Reception Services
(6 hours of performance)

Both options include all-inclusive audio setups meaning if you have a large crowd, or are at a venue with a very long design or an odd shaped design, I ensure that the sound is great, PERIOD. And while each option includes a specific amount of performance time, a professional Wedding DJ spends far more than the 5-6 hours of performance time listed to prepare, manage, and perform for your wedding.

* Pricing represents standard pricing and is subject to change if event falls on a holiday, the venue has a difficult load in, or other mitigating factors that may increase price. 

Totally above and beyond our expectations

“Honestly, it feels like we should have paid him as not only as DJ but as a Day of Coordinator! It was an amazing day, and an awesome party – no small part in thanks to Lou.”

Do you desire lighting, video, or a photo booth? Well those options are a very customized and is largely based off of your personality and budget. Do you desire a throwback to simpler times when records rules the dance floor? I am here to listen to your needs and not pressure you into something you do not want.

For those that do want to add on to their experience, I’ve listed below some examples of the most popular enhancements my couples add to their weddings. This of course is only a partial list of the customizations I offer. Your imagination is the limit!


Photo Booth


Uplighting (* Starting At)


Fun Dance Lighting

Of course price is simply one element in your decision to select a DJ. I cannot stress enough that while price is certainly a factor, VALUE should be the dominant factor in your selection. This is why I encourage you to set aside some time to talk to me face-to-face, or over the phone, or on Skype, even email so I can explain to you the value I will provide for you, from beginning to end.

Like What You See? Inquire Within.