Time for the next “About A Minute” video. Let’s stick with microphones and talk about what puts me on edge at every reception; a wedding guest using a microphone.

As a wedding DJ there’s one thing that puts me on the edge every single time at a wedding reception and that’s a guest using a handheld microphone. Unfortunately, a lot of guests use the microphone the wrong way and as a wedding DJ it’s sometimes very difficult to capture all that sound properly when somebody is misusing the microphone. So here are a couple demonstrations on how to hold the microphone properly.

You’ll want to be a couple inches away from your mouth but not too far not too close and get it to close it sounds terrible to capture sound. You’re also not trying to sing into it with cupped hands. This is terrible for singers by the way! Just hold it a couple inches away, don’t block the holes on the microphone, don’t scream, don’t whisper; try to talk them ina normal voice. This really helps the DJ trying to make sure that they capture and recreate your voice properly.

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Author - Lou Paris

Biography: Lou Paris has been DJing since 1988 and has a deep passion for music of all styles and genres and became a wedding DJ in 2012. Coincidentally, Lou is also a successful 20+ year IT professional and has merged many technology concepts to ensure a successful night of entertainment. Click here to learn more about Lou's background and if you find this content interesting contribute to my Patreon.