The Rane One Review (& NS7iii Comparison)

Honestly I was taken aback that this was even real when I first learned about it. I had wondered after inMusic took control over brands like Numark, Denon, and Rane what those lineups would look like and if the moving platter controller concept would live on. It has, and in a big way with the Rane One.

The video captures the entirety of the review but to get into the Cliff’s Notes version of this all:

  • The Rane One is not only the successor of the NS7 series, but blows it out of the water
  • It’s smaller and lighter than the NS7iii by almost 10lbs (4.5 kgs)
  • It truly encapsulates the build quality we expect from Rane
  • The sound quality is great albeit it’s a quiet soundcard
  • The buttons are a hybrid of Rane 62 meets Rane 70 and I love it
  • The platters feel even better than the NS7iii and are equal that of the TWELVES
  • I do wish the pitch control was oriented in a battle-style configuration
  • I wish the channel sliders were mag faders or Innofaders
  • Summary: This is a no-brainer replacement for the NS7 series and worth every penny
  • And if you buy make sure to get this from NLFX!

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