This is the second in a three part series on storage.
Part 1: Hard Drives
Part 2: Thumbdrives
Part 3. Internal SSDs

There are so many thumbdrives out there it’s sometimes hard to find the best overall device. But these particular ones I’ve been using have produced flawless results for over a year, and they still remain one of the best ending the 2017 calendar year.

SanDisk Extreme CZ80

You can get a couple different size options on the extreme lineup. For me the 64GB was more than enough to carry around the critical music and backup songs I would ever need for a gig, and have room to spare.


With > 50% write times of the external hard drive, and well over twice the read time, these thumb drives are mighty fast.

SanDisk CZ80 Read/Write Performance

Solid Performance.

USB 3.1 devices are soon going to be all the rage, but it will still be a long while before secondary devices like Soundcraft, Behringer, and others adapt that to their platforms. So until then old USB tech will still rule this space. And with that this SanDisk is one of the best you can get.

Don’t Forget To Backup

I cannot stress enough that with any storage solution (and really any critical piece of equipment) that you should have a backup or two. You don’t want to lose your entire library in case of a damage or theft.

Be Sure To Check Out The Other Reviews

This is one part of a three series review of storage solutions. Be sure to check the others out.

Part 1: Hard Drives
Part 2: Thumbdrives
Part 3. Internal SSDs

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