This is the first in a three part series on storage.

Part 1: Hard Drives
Part 2: Thumbdrives
Part 3. Internal SSDs

Over the past few years I have used a number of storage solutions depending what kind of setup I have. Given that i had a lot of storage needs initially I went with an external hard drive and after some exhaustive research I found my go to drive in late 2013. And as I upgraded this model series was still my top pick.

Silicon Power SP Rugged Armor A30

Initially opting for the 1TB version, I eventually upgraded to the 2TB model, and this has been a completely dependable tool in my arsenal. While it’s been around for a couple years now it still holds up against many of the newer offerings.


The SP A30 is a solid performer averaging in at just shy of 107 MB/s on writes and a tad over 111 for reads through my MacBook pro and a Journal HFS+ formatted drive. While this no SSD, in the land of mechanical drives it’s clocks in at one of the fastest on the market which also is encased in a military grade shock resistant ruggedized shell.

SiliconPower A30 Read/Write Performance

A Gem In A Crowd

Even though it’s a couple years old, even with newer models out there to take it’s throne, it’s hard to find a combination of price, performance, ruggedness, and real world reliability on the market. Silicon Power has a newer model that comes in 3TB, 4TB, and 5TB flavors along with 1TB and 2TB models. But the read/write is a little bit slower on it. I would say if you need larger, go with the A60. If you need 1-2TB the A30 is the best of the offerings.

Don’t Forget To Backup

I cannot stress enough that with any storage solution (and really any critical piece of equipment) that you should have a backup or two. You don’t want to lose your entire library in case of a damage or theft.

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This is one part of a three series review of storage solutions. Be sure to check the others out.

Part 1: Hard Drives
Part 2: Thumbdrives
Part 3. Internal SSDs

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