Plan ahead. Don’t procrastinate.

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We are all busy. In this day in age, everything is all a rush, to begin with, and now there is no doubt that everything is going at a hyper pace. You’re getting married and now you are in the midst of planning your wedding! Sometimes the tasks can seem to be daunting, but the flip side is those daunting tasks need to be taken care of at some point. It’s time to plan ahead and get in front of everything before it takes over.

Delay At Your Own Peril

If you procrastinate big decisions like choosing your vendors for your wedding, things will tend to slip and fall through the cracks. Then the pressure mounts, and you find yourself in a cram-session mode echoing the days of cramming for a college exam. And the more stress you encounter the more likely mistakes will be made, first, second, or even third choices may not be available. Frustration leads to this mounting feeling of dread.

My advice is very simple, and I am sure you have heard it many times but it’s worth repeating; plan early. Organize your tasks into manageable and logical chunks so you can make quick work of them and check them off your list. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate, be it your significant other, your wedding party, your parents, or your friends. The more trusted hands handling different aspects will help to maintain your sanity.

One thing that some future brides and grooms tend to forget is that they have hired or are planning to hire experts in their field so rely on their expertise to help guide your way through the minefield. For those that have hired Paris Creative, please remember that if you are stumped by something please feel free to ask me for some guidance. I have been through many weddings, with varying styles and challenges. There is a good chance that I may have some good solutions for you to consider.

Oh If you haven’t hired your wedding professionals, especially your wedding DJ, then you should not delay.

If you follow the rule of planning early on then the closer you get to the day the more you will realize that you can relax just a little bit.

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DJ Lou Paris. Photo courtesy of Warm Up Lab.

DJ Lou Paris

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