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Jan 2013

What to do if your DJ goes MIA

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OK while the graphic for this post is pretty comical, it’s a nightmare scenario to contemplate. Just before your event begins the DJ that you have booked for your event is no longer available. It could be for health reasons, it could be because they are out of business, or a host of other possible scenarios. Even the most reputable outfits can have unforeseen events that can affect your event. So what can you do to get everything back on track?

Don’t Panic!

Panicking can be one of the worst things you can do right now. People who are panicked will rush to find someone and their state of mind can lead them to make a rash decision. It could be choosing a low-end DJ that could make the night less-than-desired, or you could choose a DJ that quotes you a very high price being so close to your event.

Now if you followed my checklist from a previous post, then you hopefully have talked to a couple of DJs while going through the interview process. Contact them to see if the date is free. If they are all unavailable, I still recommend going through the standard process so you can be meticulous in our search.

Ask The Former DJ For Advice

While some people will not think of this because of the gravity of the situation, a lot of times a reputable DJ will already have an extensive network of DJs you can consult with. While you may be upset at the situation I highly advice approaching this as dispassionately as possible. Your previous DJ might be able to set you up with a suitable replacement, transfer the knowledge of the event to that DJ, and you are set to go!

Talk To Event Planners

You may not have hired an event planner, but if you are in a real bind they can be a very useful asset. Planners typically will have connections to a number of entertainment services and can recommend a DJ for you. Yes this will likely not come free, but it could make the difference between scrambling to finding a DJ versus having someone’s extensive network at your disposal.

Have A Backup Of Your Plan

Hopefully the DJ you were previously dealing with has taken notes about your needs and can transfer those notes to you in case of an emergency. As a best practice you should keep some notes for yourself. Colors, playlists, all are very important and if you happen to rush because the deadline is tight, critical things can be missed.

You Signed A Contract, Right?

So when you chose your DJ you signed a contract right? A contract is a piece of mind for both the DJ and their clients in case of such an emergency. Make sure you are aware of your legal standing if an issue of money or materials comes into question.

Last Minute Suggestions

So the DJ looks like he was going to pull through, but you are at the wedding and there is no word on their arrival. Again don’t panic, while it may be difficult it’s not completely impossible to book DJs on the same day. There will likely be a higher fee for last minute scheduling but don’t throw your cards in just yet. Coordinate with your wedding team to quickly search the local area for DJs.

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