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Some helpful articles for Brides and Grooms to read.

What Does A DJ Actually Do At A Wedding?

“What does a DJ actually do at a wedding?” For those that aren’t familiar with professional wedding DJs it may seem all they do is push a button and play music. There is far more involvement and it starts on day one.

Tips as your wedding day approaches.

As time quickly approaches for your wedding, it sometimes can be easy to loose track of the most important things, especially fully enjoying your wedding day. Here are some tips to ensure things can run as smooth as possible.

Wedding DJ Prices. What Gives?

Why is there such a great variance in Wedding DJ pricing? And before you consider the lowest-cost option for your event, consider the following…

When should you hire a DJ?

So you are planning you wedding. You know you need to lock in your vendors but the question is just how far back should you plan to hire?

Tip: Don’t procrastinate. Plan ahead.

Waiting to the last minute can put a lot of pressure on a couple, especially when it comes to weddings. Plan ahead and your stress levels will thank you.