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Some helpful articles for Brides and Grooms to read.

Wedding DJ Prices. What Gives?

Why is there such a great variance in wedding DJ prices? Well part of the difference is the vast differences you will find between cheap DJs and professional DJs.

When should you hire a wedding DJ?

So you are planning you wedding. You know you need to lock in your vendors but the question is just how far back should you plan to hire?

Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

You’re new to this process and you may be stuck wondering what questions to ask a DJ about your wedding. Let’s lay out the biggest questions to ask.

What Does A Wedding DJ Do?

If you’re not familiar with what a DJ does at a wedding, it may seem it just pushing play on a song. Much more goes on and it starts right now.

Using Handheld Microphones At A Reception

Time for the next “About A Minute” video. Let’s stick with microphones and talk about what puts me on edge at every reception; a wedding guest using a microphone.

Microphones and Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies can be a very complex event to manage, and for a DJ or Videographer trying to capture sound, nothing is more important that microphones. From over-the-ear mics, lapel with lav packs, handhelds, and others, the choices are significant to capture sound.

Trusting Your DJ With Your Wedding Music

Are you the type of person that feels you have to be in complete control of your wedding playlist. This ultimately is a bad thing since you are hiring a professional, and you should rely on their expertise to bring to you a great night of entertainment.

About A Minute – 11 Childhood Albums

In this About A Minute video, I am going take a look at the top 11 albums that influenced my childhood (well until 1990). Oh this takes me way back.

Wedding DJ Personalities

There is probably nothing more important than finding a DJ (or other wedding pro) that you vibe with both leading up to your wedding and on your wedding day itself. From the hype-MC to the laid-back style, pick one that works for you. So lets explore the subject of wedding DJ personalities.

My Top Five Wedding Closing Songs

There are some songs that are absolute classics, but as time goes on it may slip off the radar. These are five of my personal favorite songs I like to close a wedding to, that you may have forgotten about.

Tips for your wedding day

It can be easy to lose track and fully enjoy your wedding. These are some tips that should help you keep things going and reflect.

Tips on selecting your wedding songs.

People feel a certain infinity towards music and this passion for songs can help create an awesome playlist for your wedding. Here are some tips to choosing your wedding songs.