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Relevant articles I have written about my experiences as a Mobile DJ for Mobile DJs.

Backup And Redundancy In Your Rig

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Yes it is a bit more than an overused Uncle Ben/Spiderman quote, it has actual application in the mobile DJ world, especially with wedding DJs. It’s the power to make or break a moment.

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Ceremony Sound and the Mobile DJ

There are different levels of ceremony sound one can offer as a mobile DJ, from simple playback to full on multi-mic capture and recording. Which options are best for you is dependent on a few factors.

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iTunes vs Serato for DJ Music Management

There is a lot of debate going on about what are the best tools to use to manage a DJ’s library. The DJ library is one of the most critical tools and has to fulfill the needs of the user. But this hotly debated argument deserves a deep dive look into it’s underpinnings.

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The Mackie DL806 and Mobile DJs. A Review.

As a solo-op mobile DJ, I am constantly looking at new solutions to improve my capabilities to deliver great sound while being mindful of setup and breakdown times, weight, and reliability. In 2014 I decided to give the Mackie DL806 a whirl, and here are my thoughts.

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What Do I Use For Equipment?

I get asked about this on occasion from potential customers. I take pride in using some of the best equipment available in the DJ industry.

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