About DJ Lou Paris

Who is this guy anyways?

You dream big dreams when you are a kid, about being an astronaut, being a firefighter, being president. Now that I am an adult I reminisce back to those days and the most vivid recollections all seemingly revolve around music. Listening to Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder on my father’s AM radio in his Chevy Malibu brought back happy times of driving to Arthur Treacher’s to get a Crunch Dog. Opening up Prince’s 1999 double-LP and dropping the needle on it for the first time burnt that memory into my subconscious. I can remember everything about that very moment.

I knew at a very young age that music would play a large role in my life. I played the hell out of those and other records. You name it, I was listening to it. The Sugarhill Gang when rap debut on the scene, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is as timeless as ever, Nirvana’s Nevermind, and the list goes on and on.

Scott and Lucy with DJ Lou Paris at Senate Garage

So how did I get into DJing in the first place? Well I started out helping my friend out DJing school dances circa 88-89 in Northern NY.  From there I went to college at SUNY Canton where I DJed parties and had a time slot at the college radio station. Then I worked with outfits in Northern NY to provide mobile DJ services to a number of events. The mid-90s came along and I moved to the Washington DC area where I picked up gigs at the most popular clubs like DC Live and The Ritz and occasionally I worked for “multi-op” mobile DJ operations from time to time, working mostly weddings and corporate events.

And then I took a pause from DJing for a bit. My IT career was growing and I took on many roles in the public, private, and government sectors. But that passion for playing and discovering music never died. The desire to entertain a crowd with the best music and seamless transitions continued to nudge me. Ultimately I decided to start my own mobile DJ business when my family moved back to the beautiful Hudson Valley, and in late 2012 Paris Creative was born.

The Paris Creative logo in 2012.

Strangely enough since the DJing world has become much more technology-centric I have been able to apply a lot of my knowledge in the IT world and merged that knowledge with my DJing world. Now while I embrace technology to the fullest, I still have one foot in the analog world sporting a very large 12″ and 45 record collection and if you would like me to spin vinyl it’s certainly something I can do. That love of vinyl was even incorporated into my 2012-2017 version of my logo, but in the pursuit to keep things fresh I decided to go with an awesome hand-drawn design from my friend as my new logo.

2017- hand drawn logo from Paris Creative.

2017- hand drawn logo from Paris Creative.

It’s this knowledge, passion and desire that I bring to your event. Having a vast knowledge and connection to music, and making seamless transitions instead of just simply pressing play and forgetting about it. The experience of working numerous crowds (high school, clubs, corporate parties, and weddings) to understand what they want to hear and dance to, knowing that songs from totally different genres and years can seamlessly intertwine with each other. Looking at the faces of people when you play their favorite song. Speaking of favorites I published my top 11 albums that influenced my childhood.

It’s that feeling that drives me to give you the best night of entertainment.

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