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Planning a wedding can seem like a daunting task. Your mind races as you consider all the options. The venue, (be it in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, or elsewhere) the flowers, the food, the photographer; these are all big decisions! But one of the most important and sometimes overlooked decisions is your choice of a wedding DJ.

You don’t get a second chance when it comes to the critical moments. This is why you choose a professional that deserves your trust. This is why you should consider Paris Creative, from gathering all the important information about your wedding in detail to having emergency plans in place to make sure there are no interruptions. Paris Creative goes the extra mile in everything that is done.

Second To None Ceremonies

Uncompromising sound to capture and broadcast the officiant, your vows, and even live bands

Fun Receptions w/o The Hype

I offer a unique approach to my receptions of mixing fun without becoming the center of attention

And So Much More…

Services beyond Wedding DJing including comprehensive design, lighting, and more

Lou was there for us from every step of the way

His phenomenal set touched upon every single genre of music we had asked for.  Our guests had huge smiles on their faces on and off the dance floor thanks to Lou.  Thanks to Lou, it couldn’t have gone any smoother.”

Aimée and Sean

A Sneak Peak

I’ve had a lot of requests over the years asking what a Paris Creative wedding is like. Let’s take a look into a couple recaps of weddings below. You can check out more videos, including Gig Logs and other industry-focused content on YouTube.

From Prince to Passion Pit to Pitbull

I have an extensive love of music from pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, funk, soul, country, and so many more which truly helps me be a broad-reaching Wedding DJ. It’s my mission to learn the ins and out of what you like and dislike. This is a sample of my work with this particular mix focusing on a mostly 90s and 00s R&B, hip-hop, and reggaeton side of the coin. From Faith Evans, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, Ciara, and so many others. You can sample more of my mixes on my MixCloud channel.

Experience, Guidance, and Exceptional Service

With 10+ years of operating Paris Creative and 34+ years of general DJ involvement I’m here to set the bar incredibly high. Let me help guide you through the entire process from our very first conversation, collecting all the important information about your special night, and following through with everything with extraordinary care. This includes providing you access to an event management platform I am creating for the entire event industry called cue.


Planning Services

Detailed Planning

You’ll have detailed forms we will go over so we all know what needs to be done at every turn

Always In Sync

It’s critical to share information not only with you but also your professionals


Constant Communication

Ask any questions about your wedding without hesitation. I am always super-quick to respond.

I can’t recommend Lou highly enough!

From the getgo, Lou put us at complete ease in terms of planning and executing the fun at our event. He is extremely technically proficient, has encyclopedic musical knowledge, and really takes the time to get to know (and eventually impress!) his clients.

Ariane & Jonathan

Built On Technology

OK, it’s time for me to geek out a little here. I have 25+ of IT experience designing systems for everyone from the FBI to small businesses (you can read more about me here). Those opportunities gave me the ability to create resilient systems for your special day. From having digital mixers that allow me the ultimate freedom to be away from my system and control sound, or the ability to record the entire event from the source and hand those files off to your videographer, or provide remote power solutions for hours where there is no power, or having the ability to manage simple or complex ceremonies; technology has enabled a number of unique services for your special day.

And heck, if you want to be transported back in time, we can bring it old school with my all-original vinyl option as well.

Back to earth and some more plain talk. The bottom line is thanks to technology, along with my experience, I can offer you some of the highest quality offerings around, and a piece-of-mind that even when things go wrong, you likely will not even know.


Multiple Mic Options

From a single mic on the officiant to capturing full-on performances, toasts; I can capture it all

Backup and Redundancy

Backup and Redundancies

From battery powered devices to making a Plan B, C, D, and E, you are always in good hands

Recording Services

And So Much More…

Services beyond Wedding DJing including comprehensive design, lighting, and more

He’s much more technical than most DJs.

Lou is exceptional. Several of our other wedding vendors commented on how Lou enabled them to do their jobs better, whether it was the videographer saying he’d never felt so supported on sound or the wedding planner saying she never thought she’d get the whole crowd out for the sparkler run but Lou managed to make it happen.

Lou is an absolute rockstar. He is a skilled, experienced professional who knows his equipment, and will deliver everything he promises.

Jaclyn & JP

Down To Brass Tacks

I have a very straightforward philosophy when it comes to pricing… KEEP IT SIMPLE. So instead of the endless combinations of gold packages, diamond packages, sapphire packages, ultimate and then some packages,  I have two simple core pricing options, and they are based off the type of wedding services you need


Ceremony & Reception Services
with 6 hours of performance time


Reception Services
with 5 hours of performance time

Do you desire a more immersive uplighting or something more unique? I am here to listen to your needs. For those that do want to add on to their experience, I’ve listed below some examples of the most popular enhancements my couples add to their weddings. This, of course, is only a partial list of the customizations I offer. Your imagination is the limit!


Lighting Options


Vinyl Dance Experience


Stylish Monogram & Designs

*Starting at prices. Subject to specific requirements and availablity.

Of course, price is simply one element in your decision to select a DJ. I cannot stress enough that another factor, VALUE, should be the dominant factor in your selection. This is why I encourage you to set aside some time to talk to me face-to-face, or over the phone, or on Skype, even email so I can explain to you the value I will provide for you, from beginning to end.

Above and beyond our expectations

Honestly, it feels like we should have paid him as not only as DJ but as a Day of Coordinator! It was an amazing day, and an awesome party – no small part in thanks to Lou.

Sophia & Tait

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Do You Perform? A. Really anywhere. From the Hudson Valley, The Catskills, and beyond. I’ve even performed in cities like Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Boston MA, and so many more.

Q. Are You Insured? A. Yes, Paris Creative is fully insured.

Q. Do you have a portal to manage our event? A. Not only do I have a portal, but I am the founder of, the next generation platform for all event professionals to manage events. This includes a simple and all inclusive timeline capturing all the major milestones of your day.

Q. Do You Play Other Events Than Weddings? A. Yes, I do. While my primary focus is on weddings I do perform for Birthdays, Corporate Events, or any other function where you desire an uncompromising DJ.

Q. What Is Your Style Of DJing? A. I would describe my style of DJing as low-key interaction with a focus on the quality of music and service being delivered. I am not one of the “Hype DJs” out there that is going to interrupt the music on every other song. What I do provide is crisp and clear announcements, coordinating with important milestones with an event (e.g. a Wedding toast) to ensure smooth transitions, and an acute focus on the crowd to ensure the right music being played at the right volumes at the right time. Read more about my history and what drives me.

Q. How Does Paris Creative Coordinate The Event? A. As soon as you select Paris Creative, I will begin to coordinate with you, your vendors, your planner, and do everything to provide you as stress-free of a process as possible. This means making sure you are comfortable with the level of service I will provide for you, going over all the details to make sure I have all the necessary details, going over a final proposal, everything to make your event successful.

Q. Do You Meet Face-to-Face, Email, Phone, Zoom? A. The answer is yes (to all four). I will work with you on whichever method you are most comfortable with. I will send you a synopsis of our discussions via email to make sure we are on the same page.

Q. Do We Get A Contract? A. Of course! A contract protects both you the customer and myself.

Q. Do You Have Backup Equipment? A. Yes, I do. Having a backup is critical to ensure that your event has no unplanned interruptions. Check out my article on this.

Q. Do You Have A Backup DJ? A. While I don’t have other DJs under Paris Creative, if for some reason I am unable to perform on the day of your event, I will ensure a high-quality wedding DJ will be in place for you.

Q. Can I Request Songs? A. Most definitely. You can build your request list through my online customer portal and I will do everything I can to take requests at the event. Typically I prefer my clients to request around 20 songs for the evening. This allows me to learn about the music you like (and dislike) and I can shape the rest of the music with that as the foundation.


Reach Out

Now that you have read up a little bit about my services we should talk. Jump over to my contact page and fill out just a little bit of info and let’s gets this discussion started.