Why Paris Creative?

Why choose Paris Creative for your Wedding?

Why Paris Creative?

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, and it may seem a bit overwhelming. Your mind races as you consider all the options. The venue, the flowers, the food, the photographer… These are all big decisions! But one of the most important and sometimes overlooked is your choice of a wedding DJ. The success of your wedding depends largely on the experience of your wedding entertainer. So why choose Paris Creative?

Exceptional Service

From the first inquiry to the final song, I am here to provide you with the utmost professionalism and top quality service. And unlike some of my competitors you are getting me, and only me, throughout the entire process. I am here to make sure that all the details are covered and that you have the confidence that I will execute our well-thought out plan for your wedding entertainment.


Even the well-thought out plans can hit a road block. There are so many scenarios to list that can throw the best plans off track. The real test of a professional is how you deal under pressure and adapt to the situation. I am here to ensure that things get back on track whether you have hired a wedding planner or not. I can rework the timelines on the fly, expand or shorten you timeline, and most importantly quickly inform you of what changes need to take place. I want you to feel confident that regardless of the situation that I am there to help ensure everything is covered. Your job for that evening is to have fun.

A Passion For Music

I was exposed to a very wide range of music at a very young age, from 50s and 60s rock from my dad, to 60s and 70s R&B and disco likings from my mom, while my sister rounded out with groups from Queen to Prince. Growing up I listened to a wide variety of music and to this day there are few songs I don’t enjoy listening to, from the obscure to the latest releases.

It’s this passion that I bring to your wedding. Knowing what music to play, knowing what the crowd wants to hear, knowing that songs from totally different genres and years can seamlessly intertwine with each other. Some DJs just fade music in and out, I find those songs with common threads and transition in a way that makes you say “Damn! How did he do that?” You can sample some of this on my mixtape blog.



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