Biography of DJ Lou Paris, Hudson Valley Wedding DJ

Biography of DJ Lou Paris, Hudson Valley Wedding DJ

My name is DJ Lou Paris and I am the owner of Paris Creative.

You dream big dreams, about being an astronaut, about following in your dad’s footsteps of being a police officer, about being president. Now that I am an adult I reminisce back to those days and the most vivid recollections all seemingly revolve around music. Listening to Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder on my father’s AM radio in his Chevy Malibu brought back happy times of driving to Arthur Treacher’s to get a Crunch Dog. Dropping the needle of our Marantz 6300 turntable on my mom’s fresh copy of Hall and Oates Private Eyes for the first time just brought a richness of fidelity to my ears.

My big dream was to work in some way with music. I’ve been lucky enough to experience that dream.

I still remember the first day when I got my own albums. My dad bought me my first two new albums and I was ecstatic! I opened the brown wrapper up and one was Blondie’s Autoamerican and the other was Queen’s Live Killers. I played the hell out of those records. Ever since then I have had a passion for music and everything about music. I can tell what song is playing by hearing sometimes less than a second of the song.


I started my career early helping my friend out DJing school dances circa 1989 in Northern NY. From there I went to college at SUNY Canton where I DJed parties and had a time slot at the college radio station. I worked with outfits in Northern NY to provide mobile DJ services to a number of events and when I moved to the Washington DC area I picked up gigs at the most popular clubs like DC Live and The Ritz. I’ve been lucky that I have been able to meet some of my idols in music. KRS-One, Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Lauryn Hill. All are experiences I hold dear to my heart.

I have now found myself back in the Empire State, and have established my mobile DJ business in Kingston NY on October 2012.

The Passion Of Music

I consider myself to be a very lucky when it comes to my music background. I was exposed to a very wide range of music right from the get go, from 50s and 60s rock from my dad, to 60s and 70s disco and R&B likings from my mom, while my sister rounded out with groups from Queen to Prince. I was exposed to a number of genres and sub-genres imaginable and to this day there are few songs I don’t enjoy listening to, from the obscure to the latest releases.

It’s this passion that I bring to your special event. Knowing what music to play, knowing what the crowd wants to hear, knowing that songs from totally different genres and years can seamlessly intertwine with each other.

I am DJ Lou Paris, and I want to be your DJ for your your wedding.

If you would like to friend me on social media you can hit me (and the company Paris Creative) at: